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Car air conditioning systems really need regular servicing due to the natural porosity of the hoses and components of the air conditioning systems in modern vehicles. The refrigerant gas will leak slowly out of the A/C system at a rate of 15-20% per year, thereby making your system gradually less efficient until it finally stops working all together.
The compressor is the heart of the refrigeration circuit. It pumps and pressurizes the refrigerant to move it through the A/C system. Compressors work hard and run hot, up to several hundred degrees and several hundred pounds per square inch of internal pressure. They rely on only a few ounces of lubricant to keep their parts moving. If the lubricant is lost because of a leak, or the lubricant breaks down due to contamination, the compressor will not last. Sooner or later, the compressor will call it quits. The most common symptom of a compressor failure (besides no cooling) is a seized compressor. It will not turn when the magnetic clutch engages, and you may hear squeals of protest from the drive belt. Or, the belt may have already broken or been thrown off its pulleys.



Price List:


Aircon Topup Only  £50

Leak Test & Regas  £60

Basic Service         £80

Full Monte Service  £90

Do you know what you’re breathing?



The white stuff is fungus.

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Southampton Car Aircon Mobile Repair Service

We are pure specialists in the aircon of vehicles whether they be cars, trucks, combine harvesters, agricultural tractors, or plant.

If your car's air conditioning is not working it may be because of an electrical fault, a mechanical failure or it may be low on refrigerant caused by a leak or simply by natural wastage over several years.

But do not worry whatever your fault we can fix it with 20 years experience in vehicle air conditioning system repairs, you can be assured that you will receive service of the very highest caliber using the latest equipment.


Some modern cars need A/C System faults cleared before Air Conditioning will work.
This often happens on empty systems with mercedes Audi Vw Skoda Chrysler Renault.
Make sure you use companies like us that can offer this reset service.


Aircon Topup for systems that are just about still working we would not recommend this service as it's not a professional way but we cater for all.

Leak Test & Regas  We would have to do this if we found your system flat empty.

Basic Service we vacuum the system to remove moisture add in oil and dye then regas

Full Monte Service is removal of bad odours and sanitise system and vacuum system to remove moisture then flush a/c system and vacuum again then we add in oil dye and then regas This will take about 1 hour.